About me

As a Senior Product Designer, my primary objective is to bridge the gap between business objectives and user needs through thoughtful and strategic design. I specialise in conducting user interviews, creating user flows, and designing prototypes using Figma, guided by the principles of lean startup methodologies.

Having recently completed a Power MBA in Business, I gained a profound understanding of the growth strategies of venture-backed startups such as Netflix, Waze, and Rent the Runway. This knowledge enriches my design approach, especially in fast-paced, innovative environments.

In my recent role at Florence, I played a key role in launching and scaling their worker training application. This experience allowed me to leverage my skills in a real-world setting, contributing significantly to the product's success.

Beyond my professional work, I am passionate about mentoring the next generation of designers. I currently teach at Brain Station Shoreditch, where I share my knowledge and experiences with junior designers, nurturing their growth in this dynamic field.

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Helping tech companies innovate confidently by delivering UX research that uncovers customer needs and translates them into actionable design improvements


I am a Senior Product Designer based in London, England. My goal is to bridge the gap between business objectives and human needs through thoughtful and strategic design.